Pool Landscaping Should Be Considered Simultaneously With Pool Installation

Pool Landscaping TorontoAfter much deliberation, you have decided to take the plunge, in a manner of speaking, and invest in a backyard swimming pool. You and your family have agreed on the type and size of pool, special features (e.g.: slides, jets) and the pool installation company in Toronto that best meets your needs and budget.

But have you also considered how new or upgraded pool landscaping will augment the look of your new pool, and are pool landscaping costs included in your overall budget?

Planning the landscape of your pool should essentially be done simultaneously with the actual pool installation plans to ensure that the timing and related costs for both projects are well-coordinated, especially since separate pool and landscaping contractors will likely be required for each segment of the work. There are several key aspects to consider when coordinating such plans for your home, in terms of both lead-time and budget:

  • Availability of the preferred contractors – how far in advance must they be booked?
  • Contracts – what are the payment terms and when are the down payments required?
  • If financing is an option/necessity, is it arranged privately or through the contractors?
  • Permit requirements – who is responsible for them and when must they be obtained?
  • Other considerations – will special orders be needed for any materials and what is the anticipated delivery time?

Unlike the relative immediacy of receiving an item that is ordered online or through a catalogue, pool landscaping efforts require much more time and effort with respect to:

  • Securing the contractor
  • Designing the project
  • Scheduling the work
  • Budgeting the costs
  • Installing all elements

The professionals at Landcare understand the critical nature of each step and are fully committed to delivering the highest quality pool landscaping to complement your pool and create a full backyard setting that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Expert Pool Landscaping Can Effectively Complement Your New Backyard Pool

A backyard pool without corresponding or coordinated landscaping may seem lost or out-of-place in contrast to the rest of your home and property. Although the pool is being installed for recreation and/or entertainment purposes, you will likely spend a considerable amount of your ‘total pool time’ out of the water and a less appealing ambience (a less appealing pool landscape) may hinder the entire outdoor experience and even ultimately raise doubts about the costs involved in installing and maintaining the pool.

The experts at Landcare recognize the essential and intangible values of pool landscaping in terms of function and visual appeal respectively, with an ever-watchful eye on associated costs. Working in concert with your pool installation plan, the Landcare team will help you evaluate and/or design pool landscaping options to complement your property. These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Fencing
  • Decking/patios
  • Walkways/access
  • Gardens (floral, vegetable, shrubbery, stone)
  • Colour contrasts
  • Entertainment areas
  • Wood structures (pool house, shed, gazebo)

For all your pool landscaping and construction needs, call the Landcare professionals today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to arrange a consultation on how our landscape services can complement the installation of a new pool for your home.