If there is one thing a lockdown inspires, it’s the overwhelming desire to spend more time outside. More specifically, more social time spent outside. From this, new design landscaping trends have emerged and with the unknown state of the future they are unlikely to disappear any time soon. Here are some of the most interesting design trends…

Urban Outdoor Living
This trend to merge the indoors with the outdoors has been on the rise for quite some time. But more than ever, homeowners are blurring the line between inside and out. This includes installing accordion style doors that can open up the interior space to the outdoors. Living space outside needs to be decorated and that means that homeowners are investing in durable outdoor living room style seating and rugs. It also means defining outdoor spaces with structures like pergolas that have roofs, retractable shades, sails or screens.
All these new spaces lead to the next trend…

Technology Outdoors
Being able to get together safely has redefined what we can do outside. The newest trend is screening movies or watching sports or tv. Tech companies have new and innovative screens that can be used rain or shine and with your new living room style sofa, you have the comforts indoors under the stars. Continuing to be a hit are outdoor speakers that can be camouflaged in gardens for gatherings or evening unwinding with your partner or family.

Fire and Heat
Outdoor Kitchens have been on the rise for years. It started with homeowners hooking up their barbecues to a constant supply of gas, then came smokers and charcoal barbecues, and now it’s outdoor kitchens including counters and a sink. But that’s just the beginning of our fire and heat obsession. Following the trends of our Scandinavian brethren, now homeowners are installing fire pits, chimeras, fireplaces and stoves. We are also extending our outside time with patio heaters, saunas and blankets.

Water Water Everywhere…
It might be a while before most people are interested in, or comfortable with, splashing in public pools. In the meantime, hot tubs are being added in small spaces, and pools to large yards. Whatever body of water you want (including plunge pools and lap pools) is sure to be in hot demand. After all, if you are going to be stuck at home on the computer, nothing is better than a pool for kids to play in and/or a hot tub where parents can unwind after a day of staring at screens and sitting in chairs. And if the Scandinavians continue to influence, we’re expecting to see the Natural pool trend spread to North America. These pools are filtered by plants and no chemicals are used to create water clean enough to drink!

Vegetable Gardens and Cutting Gardens

The restrictions around public spaces included farmers markets in Toronto so homeowners started their own vegetable gardens. Not only are they enjoying lettuces and tomatoes, but they also have had the opportunity to show their children where their food comes from. This among the other landscaping trends have some homeowners also starting flower cutting gardens on their property. Now that they are home more often, they want to have the ability to cut fresh flowers for their desks and tables. Take a look at the CN Tower gardens we built and maintain for their 360 Restaurant in the sky.

Social Front Yard Seating
Landscape design in the city has typically had a focus on privacy. But post pandemic, no one is looking for more isolation. Backyards remain private space for gatherings, but there is new interest in front yard social spaces. Unlike backyards, sitting out front is a sign that your neighbours are welcome to spontaneously drop by to chat or have a drink on their way by. Many a community connection has been made on front yards over the past few years. Let us help you rethink how you are using your front yard space and come up with ways to make it more connected to your community.

Outdoor Lighting
We’re outdoor more than ever and we want to continue to do so late into the the night and even late into the season. So outdoor lighting is a must among landscaping trends. Whether it’s a string of outdoor lights crisscrossing your yard or professional lighting, everyone is looking for mood and ambiance. Landcare has a designated lighting designer who can transform your evenings.