Proper Garden Pond Landscaping Tips

Having a pond in your yard is a wonderful enhancement that adds elements of beauty and relaxation to your home. But it also requires regular maintenance, especially during the winter. Taking the time to properly prepare your garden pond landscaping for the cold winter weather will help to ensure that the water features and any fish or other aquatic life living in the pond will stay healthy and pristine.

Many types of pond landscaping features are capable of surviving through the winter, so long as you make sure to follow certain procedures. Follow the tips below to make sure your pond is ready for the cold.

  • Plant Care – Depending on what types of garden plants you have, they may need little maintenance other than keeping them in the water through the winter. Others will be in danger if their tubers or crowns freeze solid for too long. Keeping them submerged may help to prevent them from being frozen. You will need to research the proper care for the plants you have, or contact a garden pond landscaping professional who can expertly handle your maintenance needs.
  • Caring For Your Pump – Pumps should be cleaned and stored away for the winter, unless it is a direct drive style pump. Those are better left in the water, but should not be allowed to freeze.
  • Waterfall Maintenance – If you have a waterfall in your pond landscaping, it is best to switch it off for the winter to prevent the water from freezing and causing a dam, which will eventually drain the pond. Waterfall filters can remain in the pond but you should remember to drain them.
  • Insulation – If your pond is not very large, you may want to perform some sort of insulation. You can research the best method for doing this yourself, or contact a landscaping professional.
  • Taking Care Of Fish – Most pond fish can survive the winter so long as the pond does not freeze. But if you do have fish, you will want to take care to keep the pond clean as usual, and cut back on feeding as the water temperature gets consistently colder. If the surface of the pond freezes, you must cut a hole in the ice to allow regular oxygen through.

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