Reasons Why Property Managers Cancel Commercial Property Maintenance Programs

If you own and/or manage a commercial property, you undoubtedly recognize that the maintenance and visual appearance of that property can have a lasting impact on the perception of the goods or services that you offer. Whether that impressionable person is someone looking to rent an apartment, buy a vehicle, hire a contractor to install a pool or seeking financial or legal advice, there is a lot of truth in the adage that “you only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Just as your commercial property maintenance is a reflection of your business, the provider of your landscape maintenance program should view their workmanship as an opportunity to reflect positively on the quality of their services. Unfortunately, many landscape maintenance providers are more interested in:

  • Getting the landscape maintenance done as quickly as possible and moving on
  • Doing the minimum amount of work to fulfill the terms of the contract
  • Sending out their invoices and/or trying to sell you more services or upgrades

If you are not comfortable and/or not satisfied with your current commercial property maintenance provider for any or all of the following ‘disservices’ then it may be time to make a change:

  • Inconsistent service – Are you never sure when they will actually be on site?
  • Lack of attention to detail (ever needed to call and ask them to come back?)
  • Sub-standard work – Do they need to return to do the same job/task again?
  • Lack of response – Do your calls go to voice mail and not get returned?
  • Not willing to do any little ‘extras’ (even though you are a long-time client?)
  • Sending employees who are poorly trained – Do you worry about safety issues?

Remember, it is your property and your money. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work/level of attention that you are receiving through your current landscape maintenance services, make a change and call the Landcare experts today.

Why You Should Choose Landcare For Your Commercial Property Maintenance

At Landcare, we take great pride in providing quality service on a consistent basis to all of our commercial customers. No matter the size or scope, we value your business and we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our comprehensive landscape maintenance program.

Customers choose Landcare, and choose to remain with us, for several reasons:

  • Quality service on a consistent basis
  • Development of Master Plans to address property needs/customer preferences
  • Employees who are well trained and supervised while on the job
  • Supervisors who review the work sites to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Availability of staff to answer phone calls and return e-mail messages
  • Provision of optional services such as pruning, planting, urns, soil treatments)
  • Availability of specialists/specialty services (arborist, horticulturists, masons)

Interested in a professional landscape maintenance program for your property? To enhance the look of your property and make a positive impression on your clients or contacts, call the Landcare experts today at 416-410-0320 or contact us to arrange a consultation.