Residential Snow Removal To Prevent Damages To Your Yard

When the weather gets cold and forecasts of snow and ice start to appear, one of the immediate reactions of homeowners is to stock up on salt. Salt is an easy and convenient way to take care of snow on our driveways, walkways and other areas of the yard. However, if used too often, it can also be damaging to our lawns and the environment.

While you may not be able to limit the amount of salt utilized by the town you reside in to manage and treat icy roadways, you can certainly do your part to minimize its use around your own home. Landcare, a “Smart About Salt” certified snow removal company in Toronto provides the service that can help maintain the safety of the environment, your family, property and pets.

Find out why it is important to minimize salt usage or find other alternatives to residential snow plowing without excess salt.

  • Overuse of salt can eventually cause damage to buildings in the area, specifically around doorways, where the entryway and flooring near it can be damaged by excess salt that is tracked in.
  • Salt can cause the metal on vehicles to rust.
  • Shoes and other clothing that comes into contact with the salt get ruined.
  • Salt eventually enters the water supply and wells. Aside from a possible saltier taste to your drinking water, there could be longer, unhealthy effects.
  • High amounts of salt can affect vegetation and even kill it.
  • Lake waters can be adversely affected by salt entering the lake as runoff, possibly killing many forms of aquatic life.
  • Pets’ paws can become sore and irritated as they walk on salt-laden areas.

As an alternative to using salt, you can sprinkle sand and/or kitty litter on walkways and driveways to improve traction. You can also hire a residential snow removal company to handle your snow and ice problems. Landcare offers complete winter maintenance services that remove snow and ice outside your home. We use “Smart About Salt” methods that take your family’s health and safety into concern, as well as the environment.

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