The Job Is Done Right The First Time

End to end landscape construction can be a daunting task involving many different skill sets, trades people and sub-contractors. It takes a great deal of management and coordination to pull it off successfully.

Imagine your existing landscape scraped down to nothing, then rebuilt into your beautiful new landscape oasis. How does it happen?

Once the design is final, step one involves getting the Construction Manager and Crew Leaders up to speed on the ins and outs of the project. They will visit the site with the Sales Person or Designer to review particulars and highlight areas that need special care before any work begins.

dedicated team of
professionals are:

Skilled craftsmen
Result driven
Problem solvers
Able to read blueprints and plans
Familiar with code requirements
Passionate about what they do

Embarking on a comprehensive landscape design and build project involves meticulous planning, skilled execution, and a commitment to detail. Before any removal starts, existing features like large trees or existing stonework will be protected. Then, bring in the bobcats! Removal of existing landscaping will be done by machine where possible. In some instances the work must be done by hand. You will be left with a blank slate.

So in other words, before the transformative residential build journey begins, Landcare prioritizes the protection of existing features such as large trees and stonework, ensuring their preservation throughout the process. Enter the bobcats! The removal of existing landscaping is expertly undertaken, employing machines where feasible and resorting to meticulous handwork when necessary. The result is a blank canvas, ready for a stunning transformation.

Simultaneously, behind the scenes, the gears are set in motion for subsequent stages. Materials are ordered, task sequences are established, timelines are meticulously planned, and crews and equipment are scheduled with precision. Coordination with sub-contractors for site visits and schedules is a key aspect, leaving no detail to chance in the intricate orchestration of the project.

Post-removal, the construction phase commences, marking the beginning of shaping gardens, placing accent rocks, hauling in soil, planting, mulching beds, and laying sod. The sequence is carefully choreographed, with stone and woodwork taking precedence in the initial stages.

To adhere to permit requirements, inspections are thoughtfully scheduled. Specialized sub-contractors, including irrigation specialists, lighting experts, and custom railing fabricators, are strategically slated to carry out their tasks toward the project’s conclusion. Landcare’s years of expertise in managing complex projects eliminate the worry associated with staging and completing an end-to-end landscape design and build. The skilled craftsmen within our team ensure that every aspect is executed correctly the first time, while our experienced Construction Managers oversee large projects with efficiency, bringing them to completion seamlessly. From initial removal to the final touches, Landcare’s commitment to excellence ensures that your landscape transformation is a masterful creation, executed with precision and care.

Landcare’s years of experience managing complex projects take the worry out of staging and completing an end to end landscape design and build project. With our team skilled craftsmen, the job is done right the first time. With our experienced Construction Managers organizing and overseeing large projects, jobs are completed efficiently.


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