A beautifully illuminated garden at Night

Winter is an Ideal Time to Book Your Landscape Construction Services Provider

The bitter temperatures and harsh winds of winter may have many homeowners longing for the return of summer, when they might again enjoy outdoor activities in the sunshine and warmth of their backyard.  For most of these property owners, this changing of the seasons likely cannot arrive soon enough, especially as they huddle beneath a blanket in front of the fireplace.

However, instead of bemoaning their current situation, homeowners can put some of this bundled-against-the-cold time to good use by planning and organizing their garden and landscape design projects.  In fact, rather than waiting till the snow and ice are gone and the ground has thawed, winter is actually the ideal time to get this process underway.

For property owners contemplating any spring landscape construction ideas/plans, taking action during the winter offers sufficient lead-time and/or opportunity for the following:

  • Obtaining multiple quotes; assessing contractors
  • Securing the preferred landscape services provider
  • Scheduling the earliest possible start date for the project
  • Refining the garden and landscape design with the provider
  • Obtaining any/all permits to coincide with the project start date
  • Procuring any/all materials to coincide with the project start date
  • Addressing any matters with respect to budgeting and/or financing
  • Maximizing the warm-weather time available to enjoy the new design

The importance of planning and organizing a garden and landscape design project well in advance cannot be understated.  Reputable and reliable landscape construction services providers, like Landcare, will be high in demand by Toronto property owners as soon as the weather permits; therefore, it would be most prudent to confirm such services now and ensure that all planning/organizing is in order with time to spare before the work is slated to begin.

A Garden and Landscape Design that Adds Curb Appeal and Value to a Property

Natural stone landscapingIn addition to appreciating the aesthetic appeal of a new or refreshed landscape design, homeowners can also realize increased/enhanced property values by investing in such an undertaking.  By some estimates, professional landscaping services by a skilled provider like Landcare can elevate property values by at least 10%, and likely a greater amount.

When discussing garden and landscape ideas with Landcare’s designers, property owners might consider integrating one or more of the following options into their plans:

  • Garden design and installation
  • Pool and garden pond landscaping
  • Wood construction – fencing/decking
  • Natural stone walkways/retaining walls
  • Other accessories – urns, lighting, fire pit

All of the above and more can be incorporated in a detailed plan by the Landcare design team then expertly constructed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen of their build team.

Benefit from Landcare’s professional landscape construction services and transform your ideas into a garden and landscape design that is aesthetically pleasing and adds value to your property.  Call the experts from Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to request a no-obligation consultation.