Garden Maintenance & Pond Landscaping

Summer Garden Maintenance Tips and Tools Essential for Healthy Plants

Springtime brings the outdoors to life and life to the outdoors.  Revitalized tree and plant growth, new and colourful plantings, and landscape upgrade projects abound, as do the numbers of people seen admiring/enjoying these sights in their yards and throughout their neighbourhoods.

However, as spring gives way to summer and weather conditions become more extreme, the vivacity of such regeneration, growth, and aesthetic renovations can lose some or all of its lustre.  Said in somewhat simpler terms, property and garden maintenance can become more challenging and more demanding throughout the summer months.

There are several specific factors that can negatively influence the health and vitality of trees and garden plants as the summer progresses:

  • Draught or lack of adequate moisture in the soil
  • Heavy downpours washing away soil and nutrients
  • Damage from high winds, hail stones, or torrential rain
  • Infiltration by insects and the proliferation of weed growth
  • Lack of time – home gardeners attending to other priorities

All of these circumstances can be addressed or overcome through appropriate amounts of care/attention on the part of the homeowner or by professional garden landscaping and garden maintenance providers in Toronto such as the teams from Landcare.  In no specific order, here are a few basic tips/actions that can help keep plants and gardens looking alive and vibrant during the extreme weather conditions this summer:

  • Add mulch – keeps soil moist, inhibits weed growth, adds aesthetics
  • Pest control – inspect plants regularly; spray appropriately if needed
  • Prune/trim – promotes growth, prevents overgrowth, enhances appeal
  • Watering – slowly and down to the roots; avoids run-off/draught effects
  • Weeding – pull regularly and diligently; averts competition for nutrients

Performing these simple steps on a habitual and appropriate basis will help homeowners maintain healthy gardens and an attractive look/ambience to their properties.  And these actions do not require elaborate tools or equipment – just a few essential items that can be purchased from most garden centres or hardware/home supplies stores:

  • Soaker hose (laid under mulch)
  • Scuffle hoe (triangular-shaped)
  • Swinging-head weeding hoe
  • Weed barrier paper/sheets
  • Pruning shears or secateurs
  • Square-edged garden spade
  • Garden fork and small trowel
  • Spray bottle/hose attachment
  • Gardening gloves and a hat

For some home gardeners, spending time in their gardens is an avenue for relaxation as well as a source of pride in cultivating the appearance and ambience of their property.  For others, time may prevent them from undertaking the level of garden landscaping and maintenance work that would satisfy their aspirations for appealing and well-kept gardens.  In such instances, homeowners may find benefit from the services of garden landscaping professionals like the crews from Landcare.

Garden Landscaping and Maintenance Services to Meet Homeowner Needs

Homeowners who would truly enjoy beautifully-manicured gardens and lawns but might not have the time, inclination, or capability to do their own landscaping and maintenance will find solutions in the programs provided by Landcare.  Offered on weekly (lawns and gardens) or bi-weekly (gardens only) bases, the Landcare specialists can perform all of the following services and more:

  • Lawns cut, edged, and neatly trimmed
  • Gardens weeded, edged, and cultivated
  • Perennials deadheaded; annuals pinched
  • Shrubs and trees pruned and/or trimmed
  • Planting/transplanting trees, flowers, shrubs
  • Lawn fertilization, aeration, and/or restoration
  • Landscape design, construction, and upgrades

If you are interested in professional garden maintenance services this summer, call the Landcare specialists today at 416-410-0320 to book a complimentary consultation on the program that best suits your needs and the needs of your property.