Swimming Pool Installation And Landscaping Go Hand In Hand

Pool Landscaping TorontoThere is likely a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when a pool owner dives into the family’s new backyard pool for the first time. All of the planning, anticipation, impatience, and budgeting become things of the past when that soothing pool water is deemed ready for use. However, this picture is incomplete, and a significant degree of ambience will be missing, if the pool is designed and installed in isolation – that is, when little to no planning has been dedicated to landscaping the yard surrounding the pool.

Pool owners and their families will presumably spend as much time, if not more time, in the areas/yard around the pool as they will be swimming and splashing about in the water. Therefore, it will be important to consider pool landscaping designs and associated features as part of the total costs of installing the swimming pool.

An equally important point to bear in mind is that swimming pool builders are generally not landscapers – as a result, once the actual design and orientation of the pool have been confirmed, it would be best to turn over the landscaping aspects to the skilled services of professional contractors like the landscape construction teams at Landcare.

In alignment with the physical shape and positioning of the pool, there will be a number of considerations and decisions to be made with respect to landscaping. These include:

  • Best locations for trees, shrubs, and flower beds/gardens
  • Best types of trees based on available planting locations
  • Colours of shrubs and flowers – compatibility with the pool liner/walls?
  • Soil conditions – suitable for planting or in need of supplements/additives?
  • Complexity of the landscaping – simple tastes or more ornate?
  • Amount of maintenance (pool plus landscaping) – required vs preferred
  • Type of pool decking – stone, tile, concrete, interlocking bricks
  • Design of seating areas – open, covered, enclosed
  • Access to eating/entertainment areas in relation to the home and pool
  • Space for change rooms and/or storage facilities
  • Safety precautions and regulations – will any new fencing be needed?
  • Budgetary concerns – impact of all decisions on overall project costs

It should be evident that the decision to install a swimming pool will likely be a catalyst to planning and designing the surrounding landscaping throughout the entire backyard. In order to create an environment that provides the ambience, aesthetics, and privacy that address and satisfy the tastes and needs of the homeowners, pool construction and landscaping decisions need to proceed in unison/hand-in-hand.

Plan Ahead To Align Your Pool Installation And Associated Landscaping For 2015

Pool Landscaping TorontoNow that the seasons have begun to turn from summer to fall, many swimming pool owners will soon be closing their pools. For homeowners who have been considering the installation and opening of a new pool for the 2015 swimming season, this is time to get the planning process underway.

And what, exactly, does that process entail? Several key actions throughout the winter months, including:

  • Securing the pool building contractor and the installation dates
  • Securing the landscaping contractor and the construction dates
  • Planning the pool design, orientation, and any additional features
  • Planning the landscaping design and associated construction needs
  • Selecting the trees, shrubs, colour schemes, types of materials, etc.
  • Coordinating with the individual contractors to align their timing/efforts
  • Confirming the pool landscaping costs then budgeting or financing accordingly

Landcare offers considerable experience and insight relative to the pool landscaping aspect of this planning process.

Thinking of installing a pool in time for the 2015 swimming season? Landcare is ready and standing by to discuss the landscaping components that go hand-in-hand with pool installations. Call the pool landscaping experts at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 or contact usto book a no-cost consultation and get your planning process underway.