The Benefits And Importance Of A Green Roof Design And Infrastructure

A green roof is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers many functional benefits. With building owners increasingly seeking to develop their own green roof designs, the benefits are becoming more widely known and the growing trend more widespread.

A green roof doesn’t just benefit the building it sits upon, it’s importance and impact spreads far beyond.

Green Roof DesignGreen Roof Design

The Benefits Of A Green Roof

  • Energy Savings – Depending upon the shape, size and angle of the roof, energy savings can be very significant. A sloped roof can be better equipped to harness solar energy, which can be used to offset energy costs.
  • A Reduction in Cooling Usage – A green roof on a flat elevation also serves to reduce the amount of sun that is absorbed by the building, subsequently creating a reduction in heat, requiring less energy used for cooling during the warmer months.
  • A New Habitat – Comprised of a specially designed roof that houses various types of vegetation, a green roof can serve as a completely new living habitat for many types of plants and animal life. Even in the middle of an urban sprawl, a green roof can serve as a lush paradise.
  • Better Air Quality – A green roof in the city serves to improve the air quality around the building. As more are developed, the air quality throughout the city is affected on a grander scale.
  • Improved Roof Protection – A green roof helps to keep the structural integrity of the roof in better condition, and also serves to decrease storm water runoff.

There are two types of green roofs that can be constructed; intensive and extensive. The type you might choose typically depends upon your building’s roofing structure.

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