The Spring Thing – Garden Design and Maintenance Ideas

Reap the Benefits of Professional Garden Landscaping from Landcare in Toronto

Garden LandscapingNow that the spring weather seems to have finally arrived, homeowners are turning their thoughts toward the condition of their property and what they might need or want to do around the lot after a long and bitter winter.  This includes activities such as:

  • Spring clean-up/maintenance
  • Preparing lawns and gardens
  • New landscape design ideas

Regardless of how well the property had been maintained over the previous year, winter weather/temperatures have an inherent ability to suppress the aesthetics and ambiance of lawns and gardens.  Even though it is covered by a thick blanket of snow and receives little to no foot traffic/disruption for several weeks, the garden landscaping around Toronto properties will still show the effects of heavy snow/ice and frigid temperatures the following spring.

Therefore, to rejuvenate/revitalize their property this spring, homeowners may want to implement these clean-up and maintenance steps during the early part of the season:

Spring Clean-Up and Maintenance

  • Clean residual debris from all gardens (reduces issues with disease/insects)
  • Re-edge all garden landscaping to help delineate the gardens from the lawn
  • Pruning and trimming (specific timing depends on the type of trees/shrubs)
  • Clear standing water from bird baths, etc. to deter the mosquito population
  • Wash, paint, seal, and/or repair fencing, decking, patio stones if/as needed

Preparing Lawns and Gardens

  • Planting new growth or transplanting existing shrubs, perennials, or trees
  • Fertilization – replenish nutrients that seeped from the soil over the winter
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to stop existing weeds from germinating
  • Add mulch to gardens – suppresses weed growth and helps retain moisture
  • Add top dressing to lawns and re-seed any/all areas affected by winter burn

For amateur gardeners or do-it-yourself homeowners who enjoy working in the yard, the above-noted activities can certainly provide many hours of enjoyment, physical exercise, and personal satisfaction as the property begins to take shape in the early days/weeks of spring.  On the other hand, although there might be a desire to refresh the property and enjoy the spoils of such labour, time and circumstances may prevent them from carrying out such activities in a timely fashion, if they can find the time to address them at all.

In the latter instances, these homeowners might consider the benefits of contracting a professional garden landscaping and maintenance providers in Toronto, like the Landcare team, to care for their property.  In turn, the homeowner-family can tend to other needs/pursuits yet still appreciate all of the benefits associated with an aesthetically-appealing and well-maintained property whenever possible.

Garden and Landscape Design Ideas for Spring to Revitalize Your Property

Along with the opportunity to refresh and prepare lawns and gardens after a seemingly unending winter, the arrival of spring weather can also provide the motivation to revise, upgrade, or redesign existing garden landscaping.  Sometimes, a few tweaks might be sufficient to provide a fresh new look, while those partial to bigger-and-bolder types of makeovers may be inspired to significantly transform the appearance and ambiance of their property.

Whatever the size and scope of the project, the landscape design team from Landcare is ready and capable to help homeowners in Toronto achieve the look and feel that they want around the exterior of their home.  Then, the Landcare construction team can turn these designs into reality with their expert craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail.

Some of the landscape design ideas that homeowners may wish to discuss/explore with the experts from Landcare include:

New Landscape Design Ideas

  • Expanding or re-sculpting lawn and garden contours
  • Tree planting for improved privacy, protection, shade
  • Interlocking walkways or natural stone retaining walls
  • Upgrading, expanding, or redesigning decks or patios
  • Addition of wood structures (gazebos, pergolas, trellises)
  • Incorporating water features (e.g.: fountains, waterfalls)
  • Installation of green roofing

The Landcare team can offer valuable insight and ideas on maximizing the overall look and design of your garden landscaping.  To capitalize on this creativity and expertise, call the landscape design specialists at Landcare today at 647-557-7307 to discuss how we can help with your spring revitalization or property upgrade plans.