A skid steer snow pusher cleaning snow

An Ice Melting Product Should Be Effective and Environmentally Friendly Too

Most people in Toronto and the GTA will likely remember the winter of 2013-2014 for the destructive ice storms that struck the area in December and the slick/icy conditions that remained for several weeks into the following year.  There were countless news stories of downed trees and power lines that caused extensive property damage and personal hardship; it is likely that many residents would like to forget what happened that winter.

One of the secondary consequences of those ice storms was that many homeowners and property owners were left without a sufficient amount of ice melting material.  Quantities on hand were quickly depleted and most/all local suppliers were unable to replenish their inventories to accommodate the demand; this made matters somewhat treacherous for several weeks for people walking around their property and neighbourhood or just going about their daily business/routines.

Regrettably, winter will soon return to the region again, and while it would be difficult to predict the type of weather that it will bring, there is a good probability that ice melting material will be required.  Whether used for private residences or commercial properties, such products play key roles in averting slip-and-fall injuries for all foot-traffic, including:

  • Residents/guests
  • Children and pets
  • Clients/customers
  • Seniors and caregivers
  • Couriers/postal workers
  • Maintenance/service providers

The most commonly-used ice melting product, by both homeowners and municipalities, is rock salt.  This product is relatively inexpensive and it is reasonably effective although there can be some negative or damaging after-effects.  These would consist of:

  • Burns or irreparable damage to lawns and plants
  • Corrosion or scarring/pitting of concrete surfaces
  • Severe irritation/injury to the paws of family pets
  • Marring floors/finishes (when tracked into buildings)
  • Non-eco-friendly – can wash into sewers, waterways

To produce the desired ice melting results while simultaneously avoiding such damage to landscaping, property, and the environment as a whole, Landcare’s snow removal and ice melting service exclusively uses a liquid brine product known as ‘Geomelt’.  This is a 100% organic and biodegradable substance that offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional uncoated or calcium-coated rock salt:

  • Greater effectiveness at lower temperatures
  • Far less corrosive than the solid formulations
  • Much gentler on the paws of family dogs/cats
  • Overall more effective – less product required

The use of this liquid brine product is also an example of Landcare’s commitment to help reduce the impact of various chemicals/treatments on the environment by incorporating organic products into all general maintenance and landscaping practices when possible.

Reliable Winter Property Maintenance Including Snow Removal and Ice Melting

A snow pusher truck removing snowOf course, ice melting will not be the only maintenance aspect that property owners will be facing this winter; there will undoubtedly be numerous occasions when snow removal will also be required.

Landcare offers a complete winter maintenance program that includes snow removal and ice melting throughout the season for residential, multi-residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  This program customarily begins in mid-November and extends for a period of five months.

Property owners looking for a snow removal company in Toronto can rely on Landcare’s crews to provide full and professional service for all winter maintenance needs including:

  • Ice melting
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow blowing/shovelling
  • Snow removal/relocation

To ensure that your property receives the winter maintenance it requires, including ice melting and snow removal, call the professionals at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to discuss and confirm the program that best suits your needs.