Patio Fire Pit and Sofas in a Backyard

Popular Landscape Design Trends to Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Backyard

Many homeowners, regardless of how long they have resided at their current address, will eventually get an urge to upgrade, renovate, or modernize their home and property.

Inside the home, this could be something as subtle as changing the colours of the walls and carpeting or a more significant undertaking, such as a complete remodelling of the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.  Similarly, any changes about the property could range from the straightforward purchase of new outdoor furniture to making major changes to the landscape design of the backyard.

Whether these projects are large or small, or done within or outside the home, many will be influenced by the latest design trends for the current season or year; said in another way, homeowners simply might like to keep things somewhat fresh and contemporary.

For those homeowners looking to rejuvenate or revitalize their property this year, here are ten of the most popular residential landscape design trends for 2016, in no particular order:

  • Fire pits or fireplaces
  • Native/drought-tolerant plants
  • Rain gardens or backyard ponds
  • Featured art – planters, sculptures
  • Organic garden mulch, such as eggshells
  • Permeable paving/eco-friendly gravel gardens
  • Wood construction – pergolas, arbors, gazebos
  • Plant walls/vertical gardens (for added privacy)
  • Decorative water features – fountains, waterfalls
  • Fencing designed/constructed for improved air flow

In addition to these specific features, some of the overarching trends in garden/backyard landscape designs for this season/year include:

  • Clearly-defined garden boundaries
  • Clean lines throughout the landscaping
  • Backdrops using only a single colour (green)
  • Sustainability – solar lighting, composting, recycled materials

Although some or all of the above may sound intriguing and appealing, homeowners will need to ensure that any such landscape design elements are compatible and feasible within the dimensions and contours of their property.  To assist in this assessment, they may find benefit in contacting a professional garden and landscape design company like Landcare.

The Landcare team offers considerable skill and experience with respect to garden and backyard design, in turn allowing them to determine how homeowners can best integrate any of the current and hottest trends and features into their particular landscape design.

Garden and Landscape Design and Construction to Help Enrich Your Backyard

Beautiful landscape design with red flowers and pondAs intimated above, a few minor changes may sometimes be enough to rejuvenate and refresh a backyard landscape design; conversely, some homeowners may be inspired to significantly alter the look and character of their gardens and property through a much more extensive makeover.

Regardless of the size and scope of the work, the landscape design team from Landcare can capably assist homeowners in planning and constructing the look and ambience they want for their property.  Some of the landscape design concepts that homeowners may choose to explore with the Landcare specialists might include:

  • Water Features
  • Wood Construction
  • Stone Landscaping
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Green Roof Installations
  • BBQ/Fire Pit Construction
  • Tree Planting/Transplanting

The Landcare team can offer the landscape conceptualization and construction services your need to enrich the atmosphere and appeal of your property. Call the garden and landscape design professionals at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to request a complimentary consultation at your earliest convenience.