Ways To Assess The Value Of Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial property managers are often required to juggle several responsibilities on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Much of their time and effort is undoubtedly consumed by the management of an operational budget which, depending on the size and scope of the property, can amount to a substantial amount of money each year. Included in this accounting, of course, is the monitoring of revenues against expenses such as utilities, maintenance, and landscaping services.

Commercial Landscaping

In today’s economy, budget managers should be and likely are looking for opportunities to reduce expenses – and commercial landscaping budgets are certainly no exception. However, as with any expenditure, it is important to choose a commercial garden landscaping provider in Toronto is based on the value of the services, not just on the total cost of the contract. In fact, because commercial landscaping is highly visible to both tenants and visitors, this distinction between overall value and absolute cost becomes even further magnified. Said another way, one often gets just what they pay for, and can often be disappointed.

Whether the commercial property is undergoing a complete overhaul or you are considering professional garden landscaping services for maintenance purposes, obtaining three to four written quotes would be a fitting place to begin. In all likelihood, there may be a substantial spread between some or all of the estimates; therefore, the next step will be extremely important – it will involve comparing these numbers to assess which of these contractors will provide the greatest value for the amounts cited.

While quantifying the overall value of commercial landscaping may not be an exact science, it is possible to assess this value in relative terms by contrasting/comparing the following aspects of the quotes obtained:

  • How many hours per week/month will be committed to the property or project?
  • Are the services to be provided itemized (by month, season, or project stage)?
  • Which services/materials are included versus any that will result in added costs?
  • Is it a quote for a standard package or is it tailored to the commercial property?
  • Does the landscaping firm have liability insurance/workplace safety insurance?
  • Will any services be outsourced to a sub-contractor (an arborist; snow plowing)?
  • Does the quote specify any no-charge guarantees?
  • Does the quote specify any no-charge contractor follow-up visits/assessments?

Quotes with more overall detail, plus more detail specific to the commercial property in question, will quite possibly/probably be higher than those prepared in a vague/general sense or by using a standard/generic template. However, this too can be an indicator of value as any landscaping firm that pays attention to detail in its quotes will probably do the same when they are performing/delivering their services.

Can the same be said for low-budget landscaping contractors? This may be a rhetorical question, since companies that bid lower/much lower than others often do not have the skills, the expertise, or the staff to fulfill the terms of the contract without taking a loss. Essentially, one simply does not get good value from cheap commercial landscaping.

Get Full-Value Commercial Landscaping From Full-Service Landscaping Experts

In addition to getting the most/best value for the money invested in your commercial landscaping contract, the quality of the workmanship or services can add value to your property, both today and in the future.

Tenants, clients, and/or investors are attracted to well-kept commercial properties and are willing to rent, patronize, or finance/purchase such establishments if they perceive that the landscaping and maintenance services are of a higher quality.

Full-service commercial landscaping from Landcare will deliver the value that you require in relation to quality, attention to detail, and aesthetic appeal. Our commercial landscaping services consist of:

Landscape design

  • Commercial properties
  • Gardens and green roofs

Construction services

  • Natural stone and masonry
  • Wood construction
  • Interlocking stone
  • Gardens and green roofs
  • Ponds and pools

Summer maintenance

  • Lawn cutting, property clean-up
  • Planting and pruning

Winter maintenance

  • Snow plowing
  • Ice melting

To obtain landscaping services with year-round value for your commercial property, call the professionals at Landcare today at 416-410-0320 for a free and detailed estimate.