Snow Removal and Snow Plowing Services

Secure Your Snow Removal Service by Researching Several Providers Now

After a fairly inauspicious start to the summer, temperatures across Toronto and the GTA have indeed reached, and in many cases exceeded, the expectations of area residents during the months of July and August.  Coupled with many days of brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies, this summertime weather in Southern Ontario has helped turn the bitter cold of last winter in a distant memory for many people.

Such euphoria, so to speak, will soon become just a memory as well, with (spoiler alert) the inevitable return of winter looming in the not-too-distant future.  And while property owners may prefer to ignore this inescapable transition in the seasons, they should begin to plan for this eventuality very soon.  This is especially true for residential/commercial property owners who will be in need of snow removal services; delaying the confirmation of such an amenity, even for just a few weeks, may limited the availability of a preferred provider or result in a lack of service altogether.

Commencing the search for a snow plowing and/or snow removal service in late summer or early fall will allow sufficient lead-time to make an informed and confident decision on the provider who will ultimately be given the contract/business.  When researching local snow removal service providers, property owners are advised to investigate the following with at least three or four companies:

  • Do they have a verifiable business address?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they willing to provide estimates in writing?
  • Do these quotes explicitly define all services/costs?
  • Will they provide references from other customers?
  • Do they use their own staff or subcontract the work?
  • Does the company have workplace and liability insurance?
  • What are the factors that may prevent timely removal of snow?
  • Can snow removal be combined with other types of seasonal services?

Once a decision is made on the preferred snow plowing/snow removal provider, property owners must still concern themselves with the details of the contract.  Prior to signing an agreement, they should ensure that the following information is included:

  • The start/finish dates during which services will be provided
  • The response time for snow plowing/removal after a snowfall
  • The extent of the service – driveways, parking lots, sidewalks
  • The ‘trigger’ or minimum snowfall required to receive services
  • Any limitations to the services – annual snowfall, high-risk sites
  • Types of equipment and related bystander safety considerations
  • The payment schedule – flat fee or paid on a per-response basis
  • Process for any grievances or claims for potential damage/liability

As with any type of contractual agreement, property owners should be well-informed and comfortable before committing to any snow removal/snow plowing service plan.

It is also incumbent on the provider to offer a detailed account of the services that they will deliver and the associated costs of each service in order to prevent any confusion or potential animosity between themselves and their customers.  When clients sign on with the team from Landcare, they can be assured that all such contract details will be clearly stated and discussed to help alleviate any potential concerns or ambiguity.

Comprehensive Winter Maintenance Plans Including Snow Removal and More

Landcare offers a comprehensive Winter Maintenance program beginning mid-November each season and remaining in effect for five months.  This program is made available to a wide variety of properties, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Industrial operations

For winter upon winter, property owners have trusted the professionals from Landcare to deliver timely and efficient snow clearing services.  These services consist of:

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow blowing
  • Snow removal
  • Hand shovelling
  • Ice melting applications

To confirm your snow removal plan now and have the confidence that your property will be competently maintained throughout the coming winter season, call Landcare today at 416-410-0320 to discuss the type of services that will best meet your needs and the needs of your property.