Amazing backyard with landscaping including stone work and fire pit

Winter is the Ideal Time for Homeowners to Plan Their New Landscape Design

Although Toronto and the GTA has certainly experienced less snowfall to date this winter than over similar periods in previous years, temperatures have still been sufficiently cold to keep people indoors most of the time. Other than the occasional times spent clearing away whatever amount of snow may have fallen on their driveways and sidewalks, most area residents are likely not lingering about their properties very long.

But this does not mean that they should ignore their properties completely while they sit huddled in front of the fireplace; the warmth of that fire should actually trigger thoughts about the warmer weather of spring and summer, which in turn should lead to visions of how their property will look when the snow is gone and the trees and plants are again in bloom.

In fact, winter would be the ideal time to start planning a new landscape design; not just for the homeowner, but also for the residential landscaping company that will eventually be contracted to do the work. Reputable landscape services providers, such as the team from Landcare, will be in demand by Toronto and area property owners once the spring arrives, so initiating the design stage during the cold-weather months will offer sufficient time for the homeowner to address the following:

  • Obtaining multiple quotes
  • Finalizing contractor selection
  • Approving the landscape design
  • Confirming the earliest start date possible
  • Arranging any financing that may be required
  • Securing any and all necessary building permits
  • Purchasing all materials in advance of the project start date

Transforming any property requires considerable thought and planning before the project can even begin. Using the so-called downtime or idle time of winter to address this part of the overall process would not only help to lessen any cold-weather blues but also give the homeowner an edge with respect to the following:

  • Securing their preferred contractor
  • Securing their preferred timing/scheduling
  • More time post-build to enjoy their new landscape design

Our Skilled Craftsmen Turn Your Vision and New Landscape Design into Reality

beautiful landscaping done in your gardenWhile the planning phases of a new landscape design can undoubtedly stimulate feelings of anticipation, it is the actual build stage that tends to generate the most excitement, as this is where/when the homeowner’s vision is converted to reality right before their eyes.

In order to ensure that the landscape design achieves its intended character and appeal, it will be important to select a residential landscaping company with skills and experience equal to the task. To that end, the accomplished craftsmen from Landcare would be an ideal choice, as they possess the knowledge and the capabilities to turn the homeowner’s design into an aesthetically-pleasing display.

Some of the skilled workmanship provided by the Landcare team includes:

  • Green roof installations
  • Garden designs and installations
  • Pool and garden pond landscaping
  • Wood construction – decks, cabanas, etc.
  • Natural stone masonry – walks, retaining walls
  • Other projects – landscape lighting, fire pit construction
  • And more …

The winter can be an ideal time to plan a new landscape design for your property and to schedule the build as early as possible in the spring.  Call the landscape design and build experts at Landcare today at 647-557-7307 to obtain a free estimate.