Our Carpenters Are True Craftsmen

There are a lot of different materials that can be used when constructing a new landscape project. There are jobs in wood construction when it is obvious what the best materials to use would be, because of access, existing materials, house structure, etc. and other jobs where it is not as obvious, like when there are steps or spans to cross, weight, function and usage, etc.. Landcare’s designers and carpenters know what to use where.

Wood construction seems to be more subtle and soft. It is more pliable and thus can be used for more applications. It is structurally strong and has a good life span. It can provide a nice contrast to the harder veneer of stone or the lightness of plants. Wood will weather over time allowing it to gain a patina which some people like. While other people prefer the “new” look which can be maintained thru a simple cleaning, staining or sealing.

Wood construction can be used for many structures:

– Decks
– Fences
– Arbors
– Pergolas
– Trellises
– Retaining Walls
– Veneering
– Sheds
– Gazebos

The common wood materials used in outdoor construction are Pressure Treated or Western Red Cedar. Landcare works closely with our distributors to ensure timeliness of projects and also ensure that we are using the most current products on the market. Some of these include:

Kayu Batu – Hardwood from Indonesia IPE – Brazilian Walnut Red Meranti – Hardwood from Indonesia
Spanish cedar Douglas Fir Hemlock


With over 25 years of experience in Carpentry, Landcare understands both the product and the client’s needs. We have had great success with decks, pergolas, fences (especially the horizontal style), sheds, etc. Our carpenters are true craftsmen.