Since 1992, Landcare has been focused on the environment. Our mission was to provide great property management and landscaping without the use of pesticides. But today, as we watch our city warm up after winter, we can see that climate change and its effects have created another growing concern…stormwater management.
In response to the ever increasing problem of storm water runoff, Landcare’s Owner and operator Rob Crysdale, along with key staff, obtained the then new Fusion Certification offered by the City of Toronto. Landscape companies with this certification have really been taught and tested on the science of water run off. Landcare is one of the companies that has begun to focus more and more on this growing problem. Toronto, Ontario is a city by a great lake, so what goes into it is important. Reducing the amount of salt, chemicals and pollutants that drain into our lake requires smart design, a rethink about large areas of impermeable materials (such as concrete) and smart snow deicing systems. Landcare is committed to all of these things.
Fusion Landscaping combines the art and science of horticulture with the science of hydrology to design, build/install and maintain aesthetically pleasing, water efficient landscapes.
To pass the Fusion Certification offered by the City, landscapers required a high level of knowledge of plant materials, tools and design in order to understand how a property that is drowning under the stress of excess water can be designed to thrive and in fact require little or no supplemental watering. Rain Gardens, Floral Rivers, and permeable pavers enable rainwater to be naturally absorbed by the property.
Whenever we talk about addressing the environment there is this idea that one has to give something up. Fusion Landscaping is really the opposite. The principals of this design include good news. Firstly, this type of design includes adding depth, warmth and texture through the careful section of appropriate plants. Secondly, you increase your outdoor living space through the use of permeable pavement and other features. Thirdly you optimize the use of rainwater which not only decreases your water and hydro bills, but can also add architectural interest to your home, including beautiful rain chains. Contact us to get started on a design that not only solves your properties water challenges but in fact benefits from them.